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  1.  Existing Solution-
  2.     Few software/website exists that are used for inputing the data or arranging the data,google sheets,microsoft excel and tableau like application are used now a days
  3. The features they provide-
  5. 1.Can input the data or edit the data -
  7. The owner has all the access to the the sheet , they can let the organization people to enter of edit the data by seting it public or private as per the need but when the data is public someone can edit anybodies data that is entered . It can organize the data in any order according to the field provided . It can remove the null or zero entries but you have to run the query for it manually.
  9. 2.Can you formulas for the calculations that is time consuming -
  11. In excel sheet if you want to calculate some data then there are diffrent query or formulas for every field like it can run the query for multiplication, addition and average calculation and so on .
  13. 3.They can present the data into visual format like pie charts and graph-
  15. The data you have entered can be visualized in chart or graphical method like if you have a companies data base and you want to see graphically the salary amount or attendance of the employee and anything like this can be visualized it present the data as pie chart or histogram and all
  17. 4.It provide a feature of highlighting the data that needed to be seprated-

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