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  1.                                                 Topic- Data Analysis
  2. Problem Statement- Data file recieved is unstructured,repeatative and messy.
  3. Existing Solution- Only a few softwares are available like Google Sheets,Microsoft Excel or Tableau in which we can work with data with the help of formulas or in simple words these softwares are time consuming.
  4. Limitations of Existing Solution- It is time consuming and need formulas which all are entered manually.
  5. Proposed Solution-
  6. 1.Operations and calculations
  7. 2.Graphical representation
  8. 3.Data cleaning
  9. 4.Data Inetergration
  10. Features-
  11. 1.No need to enter formulas
  12. 2.Data Mining:-Represent data in statistical,charts (i.e. pie chart),data transformation (combining unstructured and cleaned data for comparisions.
  13. 3.Time Saving
  14. 4.Helps in predicting the future productivity.

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