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  1. [7:23 PM] sadbobby entered the room.
  2. [7:23 PM] guest-326087 changed nickname to sadbobby
  3. [7:23 PM] sadbobby: hey guys
  4. [7:24 PM] beercats: thats not bobby
  5. [7:24 PM] beercats: bobby, what exactly happened
  6. [7:25 PM] beercats: i can barely hear u pal
  7. [7:25 PM] beercats: maybe causeim at bar
  8. [7:25 PM] beercats: so where are u staying now pal?
  9. [7:26 PM] beercats: type if u can
  10. [7:26 PM] sadbobby: im still at GF's house
  11. [7:26 PM] beercats: wow, how is that working out
  12. [7:26 PM] beercats: have u talked to your dad at all about any of this?
  13. [7:26 PM] sadbobby: she wants me to move next month
  14. [7:27 PM] sadbobby: its working outy
  15. [7:27 PM] sadbobby: im a wreck tho,
  16. [7:27 PM] sadbobby: its working out but for how long i dont know....
  17. [7:27 PM] beercats: so she wants u gone in the next few days
  18. [7:27 PM] beercats: like i said give her time
  19. [7:27 PM] beercats: and dont pressure her
  20. [7:27 PM] sadbobby: no next month meaning June
  21. [7:28 PM] beercats: oh ok
  22. [7:28 PM] sadbobby: she said i can pay for may and stay here
  23. [7:28 PM] beercats: what about paying for dinner and all the stuff u do for her and her kids
  24. [7:28 PM] beercats: how is she just going to forget that?
  25. [7:28 PM] beercats: thats not cool imo
  26. [7:28 PM] onerayray: its better than telling him to leave today
  27. [7:28 PM] onerayray: with nowhere to go
  28. [7:28 PM] onerayray: imo
  29. [7:28 PM] beercats: i mean yeah, u shuld not of been sneaking around behind her back
  30. [7:28 PM] beercats: but u really did nothing wrong at all
  31. [7:28 PM] beercats: just little white lies
  32. [7:29 PM] gee: what? bobby was cheating?
  33. [7:29 PM] gee: HR bautista... not quite, 1-0 jays
  34. [7:29 PM] beercats: no just texting a girl from PA
  35. [7:29 PM] beercats: not even in Vegas
  36. [7:29 PM] beercats: You just gotta keep your head up pall
  37. [7:29 PM] sadbobby: she will just move her kid in with her and ill sleep in kids room, she said its not fair
  38. [7:29 PM] beercats: LIfes a garden gotta dig it
  39. [7:29 PM] beercats: Keep on keeping on
  40. [7:29 PM] sadbobby: to her or her kids
  41. [7:30 PM] beercats: bobby, im willing to bet you she comes around in the long run
  42. [7:30 PM] beercats: she is just upset right nwo
  43. [7:30 PM] beercats: now*
  44. [7:30 PM] sadbobby: i pray she does \, but sadly i think she had enough
  45. [7:31 PM] beercats: Dude, no she hasn't and if she has im sorry to say this to you but fuck her.
  46. [7:31 PM] beercats: All u have done for her and her family, she will never find someone as lenient and caring
  47. [7:31 PM] beercats: as u
  48. [7:31 PM] beercats: its her loss
  49. [7:32 PM] sadbobby: i was just texting, im in NV shes in PA, its not like i flew there to be with her
  50. [7:32 PM] onerayray: dang bobby
  51. [7:32 PM] sadbobby: i know its her loss
  52. [7:32 PM] onerayray: sucks pal
  53. [7:32 PM] onerayray: lesson learned though...if you are going to get punished for something
  54. [7:32 PM] gee: sexting or texting?
  55. [7:32 PM] sadbobby: texting
  56. [7:32 PM] onerayray: make sure you do the deed that you are punished for
  57. [7:32 PM] beercats: just dont get yourself all depressed i know its hard beings its your first time being upse
  58. [7:33 PM] beercats: try not to dwell on it, at this point it is what it is
  59. [7:33 PM] beercats: Let it play out.
  60. [7:33 PM] sadbobby: i even texted the girl i was flirting with and asked ee
  61. [7:33 PM] spankiepuff: bobbbbay
  62. [7:33 PM] gee: girls don't like that shit, but mike is right. life goes on.
  63. [7:33 PM] onerayray: yep, just go to work and find some other activiities away from her for a while
  64. [7:33 PM] onerayray: make her miss you
  65. [7:33 PM] sadbobby: her flat out have i ex\ver had text sex with u, she says no we r just f
  66. [7:33 PM] beercats: yes ray
  67. [7:33 PM] beercats: thats what i said
  68. [7:33 PM] beercats: he is trying to get her back now and take her out
  69. [7:33 PM] beercats: gotta give her space imo
  70. [7:33 PM] onerayray: nah bobby
  71. [7:34 PM] spankiepuff: why the fuck are you with her anyways
  72. [7:34 PM] beercats: let her knwo what she is missing out on
  73. [7:34 PM] spankiepuff: makes no sense
  74. [7:34 PM] sadbobby: my gir saw the texts from this girl, it just proves nothing is going on
  75. [7:34 PM] sadbobby: with other girl
  76. [7:34 PM] onerayray: dont do that bud....she will just get upset if you act pathetic around here
  77. [7:34 PM] onerayray: her
  78. [7:34 PM] onerayray: *
  79. [7:34 PM] onerayray: just do some stuff away from her for a bit
  80. [7:34 PM] spankiepuff: yes they hate desperation
  81. [7:34 PM] spankiepuff: turn off
  82. [7:34 PM] beercats: yup
  83. [7:34 PM] onerayray: dont let her know you are so beat up
  84. [7:35 PM] onerayray: will be tough since its your first big break up
  85. [7:35 PM] sadbobby: im trying not to
  86. [7:35 PM] onerayray: but listen to us
  87. [7:35 PM] gee: texting other guys/girls is probably a sackable offence in a relationship tbh.
  88. [7:35 PM] gee: u gunna do it, don't get caught.
  89. [7:35 PM] stacocakes: so is living with your black husband and his kids
  90. [7:35 PM] stacocakes: tell her to go fuck herself and move to a hotel
  91. [7:35 PM] sadbobby: shes broekn up with me in the past but its only been for a few days at best
  92. [7:35 PM] stacocakes: this is the best news for you bobby
  93. [7:35 PM] onerayray: but the broad is in nj... honestly bobby, she could be using that as an excuse too
  94. [7:35 PM] stacocakes: and quit saying the kid is your son on facebook.That is fucked up man
  95. [7:35 PM] onerayray: so just give her some space
  96. [7:36 PM] spankiepuff: why are you willing to settle for mediocre.
  97. [7:36 PM] spankiepuff: do not get it.
  98. [7:36 PM] sadbobby: i spoke to old lady i used to renrt from and she might stil rent me that room
  99. [7:36 PM] stacocakes: bobby will you stay in vegas if you leave her next month ?
  100. [7:36 PM] spankiepuff: first breakup is always the wrost
  101. [7:36 PM] spankiepuff: worst.
  102. [7:36 PM] onerayray: thats the best news bobby
  103. [7:36 PM] spankiepuff: but when you look back on it it will be the biggest joke of a relationsihp you've ever had
  104. [7:36 PM] spankiepuff: at least in my experience.
  105. [7:36 PM] sadbobby: yes i will stacxo\\
  106. [7:36 PM] stacocakes: good bobby.Get away from her.The best news I have heard in awhile
  107. [7:36 PM] stacocakes: though you might not think it is at this moment
  108. [7:36 PM] spankiepuff: eventually
  109. [7:37 PM] stacocakes: in time you will realize that being with her was a disaster
  110. [7:37 PM] sadbobby: you maybe right
  111. [7:37 PM] sadbobby: only time wll tell
  112. [7:37 PM] stacocakes: you can tell people that you are with a girl that lives with her black ex husband and her
  113. [7:37 PM] stacocakes: three kids and people won't even believe that story
  114. [7:37 PM] stacocakes: because no one would live with that
  115. [7:37 PM] stacocakes: girl coudl be megan fox and no one would put up with that shit
  116. [7:37 PM] sadbobby: lol your right
  117. [7:37 PM] stacocakes: if I were you I would go and stay in a hotel
  118. [7:37 PM] sadbobby: it is crazy i no
  119. [7:37 PM] spankiepuff: i would gtfo too
  120. [7:37 PM] stacocakes: staying there another month only makes it worse
  121. [7:38 PM] stacocakes: hotels are fun
  122. [7:38 PM] stacocakes: stay on strip.Will be a good getaway
  123. [7:38 PM] sadbobby: maybe oncim gone she will relize what she misseding
  124. [7:38 PM] spankiepuff: bobby
  125. [7:38 PM] spankiepuff: you dont get it
  126. [7:38 PM] spankiepuff: you need to open your eyes
  127. [7:39 PM] spankiepuff: why are you settling for her just because shes the firs tchick you have dated?
  128. [7:39 PM] onerayray: alright boyce..back in a while...busy
  129. [7:39 PM] onerayray left the room.
  130. [7:39 PM] beercats: yeah bobby, but then u half to decide if u want to go back to her
  131. [7:39 PM] spankiepuff: you need to realize what YOU are missing
  132. [7:39 PM] beercats: then the ball is in your court
  133. [7:39 PM] spankiepuff: life
  134. [7:39 PM] spankiepuff: i dont know anyone your age who wants to hunker down to a divorcee with kids
  135. [7:39 PM] spankiepuff: thats a lot of fuckin responsibility
  136. [7:39 PM] spankiepuff: and your life is basically over
  137. [7:39 PM] spankiepuff: no fun 20s years
  138. [7:39 PM] stacocakes: should be in vegas walking the strip
  139. [7:39 PM] spankiepuff: fuck that.
  140. [7:39 PM] stacocakes: having fun
  141. [7:39 PM] beercats: bobby i personally as a friend and i think i speak for most of us in here think u can do
  142. [7:39 PM] beercats: better
  143. [7:39 PM] beercats: no offense
  144. [7:39 PM] spankiepuff: easily
  145. [7:39 PM] stacocakes: yes she is hugh
  146. [7:39 PM] stacocakes: and has 3 black kids
  147. [7:39 PM] stacocakes: and lives with a black man
  148. [7:40 PM] stacocakes: that prob bangs her every day
  149. [7:40 PM] spankiepuff: shes just the first chick you dated, i get it.
  150. [7:40 PM] stacocakes: fucking unreal
  151. [7:40 PM] spankiepuff: i was the same way
  152. [7:40 PM] beercats: cakes eazsy
  153. [7:40 PM] stacocakes: get out of the house
  154. [7:40 PM] spankiepuff: now i look back and laugh
  155. [7:40 PM] beercats: yup
  156. [7:40 PM] beercats: we have all been there
  157. [7:40 PM] beercats: maybe not that extreme
  158. [7:40 PM] beercats: but know what ur dealing with
  159. [7:40 PM] stacocakes: no better place to get over something then in vegas imo
  160. [7:40 PM] spankiepuff: ive dated a chick with kids before
  161. [7:40 PM] beercats: true cakes!
  162. [7:40 PM] stacocakes: I would go hang out in the sportsbook
  163. [7:40 PM] spankiepuff: its not exactly easy.
  164. [7:40 PM] stacocakes: and get fucking hammered
  165. [7:40 PM] spankiepuff: true
  166. [7:40 PM] beercats: nope spankie
  167. [7:40 PM] spankiepuff: good place to let loose
  168. [7:40 PM] spankiepuff: i'd go on a bender
  169. [7:41 PM] sadbobby: lol i need to go on bende
  170. [7:41 PM] sadbobby: bender
  171. [7:41 PM] beercats: have u talke to Big?
  172. [7:41 PM] beercats: does he know anything of this
  173. [7:41 PM] beercats: her and the kids
  174. [7:41 PM] beercats: you guys?
  175. [7:41 PM] stacocakes: big will have a party tonight
  176. [7:41 PM] sadbobby: yes he does
  177. [7:41 PM] beercats: he knows it all then?
  178. [7:42 PM] sadbobby: he knows of us, and living together etc
  179. [7:42 PM] beercats: even this part the seperation?
  180. [7:42 PM] beercats: oh ok
  181. [7:42 PM] spankiepuff: what does grandma say ?
  182. [7:42 PM] spankiepuff: ive wondered that
  183. [7:42 PM] spankiepuff: :O
  184. [7:42 PM] beercats: well i dont think u should call him about this situation
  185. [7:42 PM] spankiepuff: since she isnt exactly fond of non whites :O
  186. [7:42 PM] stacocakes: have big come down for the weekend
  187. [7:42 PM] stacocakes: I am sure he would
  188. [7:42 PM] stacocakes: he likes to go on benders
  189. [7:42 PM] sadbobby: lmao spankieeee
  190. [7:42 PM] beercats: yeah and hang out
  191. [7:42 PM] spankiepuff: that'd be good.
  192. [7:43 PM] spankiepuff: maybe he can come down
  193. [7:43 PM] stacocakes: go to a buffet tonight bobby
  194. [7:43 PM] beercats: bobby did u ever meet vegas vixen
  195. [7:43 PM] sadbobby: work tonight boys, so i ned my sleep
  196. [7:43 PM] beercats: down there and hang out
  197. [7:43 PM] beercats: ok bobbo, keep your head up pal
  198. [7:43 PM] sadbobby: ill be back later
  199. [7:44 PM] stacocakes: get out of her house asap
  200. [7:44 PM] stacocakes: you can't stay there
  201. [7:44 PM] stacocakes: just will be worse
  202. [7:44 PM] stacocakes: plus its the end of the month
  203. [7:44 PM] stacocakes: don't pay her for another month
  204. [7:44 PM] sadbobby: i know staco
  205. [7:44 PM] stacocakes: I would leave tonight fuck her
  206. [7:44 PM] stacocakes: stay in a hotel
  207. [7:44 PM] stacocakes: she just wants your rent money for next month
  208. [7:44 PM] sadbobby: i should
  209. [7:44 PM] spankiepuff: staco knows
  210. [7:44 PM] spankiepuff: we've all been there
  211. [7:44 PM] sadbobby: maybe
  212. [7:44 PM] stacocakes: yes
  213. [7:44 PM] spankiepuff: its easier to see looking from the outsid
  214. [7:44 PM] spankiepuff: than emotionally fucked up
  215. [7:45 PM] sadbobby: thanks
  216. [7:45 PM] stacocakes: I would leave a 3 coiler in her toilet to
  217. [7:45 PM] stacocakes: when I left
  218. [7:45 PM] spankiepuff: and trying to perceive it from inside the relationship
  219. [7:45 PM] sadbobby: ttyl guys
  220. [7:45 PM] spankiepuff: later
  221. [7:45 PM] stacocakes: peace
  222. [7:45 PM] sadbobby left the room.
  223. [7:45 PM] spankiepuff: poor guy
  224. [7:45 PM] stacocakes: guy is a complete moron
  225. [7:45 PM] spankiepuff: yea
  226. [7:45 PM] spankiepuff: that statement he said
  227. [7:45 PM] spankiepuff: 'i wonder if she will relaize what shes missing'
  228. [7:45 PM] spankiepuff: he doesnt get it
  229. [7:45 PM] spankiepuff: bobby doesnt realize what HES MISSING
  230. [7:45 PM] spankiepuff: fukin lost
  231. [7:45 PM] spankiepuff: guy has it backwards
  232. [7:45 PM] stacocakes: if she was hot I could see how he is smitten
  233. [7:45 PM] stacocakes: but she is so ugly
  234. [7:45 PM] spankiepuff:  right
  235. [7:45 PM] spankiepuff: id rather fuck my hand
  236. [7:45 PM] stacocakes: or if she was rich
  237. [7:45 PM] stacocakes: like a millionaire
  238. [7:46 PM] spankiepuff: yeah
  239. [7:46 PM] stacocakes: but she is a broke fat bitch
  240. [7:46 PM] spankiepuff: she just got a free year of bobby support
  241. [7:46 PM] spankiepuff: she is ready to move on
  242. [7:46 PM] stacocakes: he will probably pay rent for next month even if he isn't there
  243. [7:46 PM] spankiepuff: he will be showering her and the kids with gifts
  244. [7:46 PM] spankiepuff: that is how dumb he is
  245. [7:46 PM] spankiepuff: i guarantee it
  246. [7:46 PM] beercats: Old bobbo
  247. [7:46 PM] spankiepuff: 'take me back baby'
  248. [7:46 PM] spankiepuff: crying n shit
  249. [7:46 PM] spankiepuff: what a puss.
  250. [7:47 PM] spankiepuff: trying the spicey mcchicken
  251. [7:47 PM] spankiepuff: its just ok
  252. [7:47 PM] beercats: man wait till u guys hear the messages
  253. [7:47 PM] beercats: when its quiet
  254. [7:47 PM] beercats: guy is a mess
  255. [7:47 PM] beercats: he could get fired tonight
  256. [7:47 PM] spankiepuff: lol
  257. [7:47 PM] beercats: just snap on someone
  258. [7:47 PM] spankiepuff: kill 47 people at the golden nugget
  259. [7:47 PM] spankiepuff: stole the niggers gun
  260. [7:48 PM] stacocakes: *started a YouTube-video: Lady sings milkshakes! VERY FUNNY MUST WATCH!!!.*
  261. [7:48 PM] beercats: see her come in with old blackey to rub it in his face
  262. [7:48 PM] beercats: he might snap
  263. [7:48 PM] spankiepuff: ok this sandwich is too spicey
  264. [7:48 PM] spankiepuff: i do not recommend it unless you like super spicey sandwichs
  265. [7:48 PM] stacocakes: bobby can upgrade to this
  266. [7:48 PM] spankiepuff: can always go back to CP
  267. [7:48 PM] spankiepuff: im sure shes still single
  268. [7:48 PM] stacocakes: yes from 3 kids to 1
  269. [7:48 PM] stacocakes: he is moving up in the world
  270. [7:48 PM] spankiepuff: upgrade
  271. [7:48 PM] spankiepuff: imo
  272. [7:49 PM] stacocakes: *closed the YouTube-video.

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